Cheers! Going to London?

With the craziness and anticipation surrounding the pending nuptials between Prince Harry and Ms. Markel, it made me think about my various trips to London. I’ll admit, it’s one of my favorite cities – it’s big, but livable – familiar, yet different – proper, but also laid back. This is also the time of year that many visitors make their way to the city from … Continue reading Cheers! Going to London?

What does the Embassy do anyways?

The movies make embassy life look, well, absolutely fabulous. Swanky receptions, political intrigue, and world changing decisions being made daily by glamorous diplomats. So, like most things in life, the movies and reality are quite different. Though embassy life does have more than its fair share of receptions, most diplomats bore of the same bulk-purchased wine and small talk that go along with these social … Continue reading What does the Embassy do anyways?