We’re two ladies who realized that many of our friends and family used us as default travel agents, information sources, and emergency contacts for their galavants. Though happy to do this, we thought it was time to put some of our knowledge into a forum that it could be used by our family and friends, and by friends-to-be who wanted to have their trips go a bit smoother and be prepared if things didn’t go to plan.


Jenn – A former U.S. Air Force Officer and State Department Foreign Service Officer, she’s had her fair share of time as an Embassy “Duty Officer” answering calls from distressed American travelers. Her favorite way to discover a new city is to get out for a morning run before the crowds congest the streets, even if the locals find it a bit odd. Most familiar with Europe, East and Southern Africa and the Gulf, she’s able to sniff out a Dunkin’ Donuts like no other. Her advice to those going to remote locations is always ‘bring snacks.’

Jenn on her Kilimanjaro trek.