EU Traveler Rights

If you are traveling to or through the European Union (EU), you should be aware that there is a “Passenger Bill of Rights” which advocates for passengers on air, rail, maritime, and road carriers. The guidelines are instituted at the EU-level and all EU carriers must abide by them by law. Sometimes, bureaucracy can be a good thing! Generally speaking, the rules apply to European-owned and operated carriers operating within the EU.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you get bumped off a flight, your train is delayed, your ship is cancelled, or many other travel headaches – you are entitled to compensation, meals and lodging reimbursements, or other means to generally ‘make it right.’ The below links will take you to the EU pages that outline what is covered on each means of travel and what is not:





So, if you happen to be delayed, have baggage lost, or other nuisance, take a few minutes and read up on your entitlements. Each of the carrier’s customer support employees should be able to provide an outline of your rights in hard copy – just ask. I will warn you, there could be some paperwork involved to get your entitlement, but it could be well worth the effort to fill it out.

Hopefully your travels will go really smoothly, if not, know that you do have some recourse!

Travel Safe!


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